ECER 2019 "Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future"

02.-06.09.2019, Hamburg University

Which ‘promises’ can educational systems and institutions make to the future generations, and which can they actually keep? What is the role of education itself and educational research in dealing with problems like war, violence and political and economic crises and the resulting uncertainty and ambiguity regarding social cohension, political stability and lasting peace? Can regional experiences and insights be ‘internationalised’, or must we work from context to context? Educational research has a significant role to play in generating answers to these questions. This is not bound to theory as educational research possesses the tools to empirically examine assumptions and to provide evidence-based knowledge, for instance, as a basis for evidence informed decision making.

ECER 2019 in Hamburg will be a platform for educational research that seeks to respond to questions outlined here. ECER 2019 invites contributions oriented towards the overarching question concerning the role of educational research and practice in providing opportunities for sustainable, peaceful and equitable co-existence that appreciates diversity and diversification under conditions of uncertainty and risk now and in the future.

Further information and the conference program can be found here.